Express Legal Hub Intensives

For New and Scaling Entrepreneurs




A New Way

Tired of figuring out what you need as the fundamentals to launch and build your business? Confusion

Trying to quickly get everything pulled together, but not focusing on the actual business you are selling? Dragged Down

Can't find the time to get what you need done to start making money? Exhaustion

We are redefining the way entrepreneurs embark on their business journey. Introducing our exclusive Express Legal Hub Intensives for business owners – a revolutionary program designed to equip you with all the essential legal documentation and strategies to kickstart your venture. The Hub provides a community forum for learning and encourages members to start and complete their legal documentation that is fundamental to business success.


Traditional legal services often come with a hefty price tag, an outdated model, and limited support. Express Legal Hub Intensives change the game, offering high-quality legal services while fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

Give your business the legal foundation it needs to thrive.

What to Expect

Accelerated Business Formation
Our Express Legal Hub Intensives ensures your business is up and running with a formidable online presence. Don't wait—hit the ground running!

Real Time Learning and Support
You will receive expert legal counseling and also have the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs as part of the Hub. Legal counsel session are offered in a group format through a live video session and are recorded and available to watch for one week after the session. Opt into a private group chat with other members to foster a supportive community as you navigate the challenges of business development together.

Customized Legal Documentation
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Express Legal Intensive Hub provides you with customized legal documentation tailored to your business needs, ensuring you have the right foundation from day one. The drafting of your legal documentation is covered by attorney-client privilege.

Individual Legal Counsel
As an Accelerated Venture member, receive 30 minutes of one-on-one legal counsel each month to address specific concerns and providing guidance on your unique business journey.

Receive custom drafted legal documents and get your business off the ground!

Monthly One Time Payment
Over $3,275 value!

New Venture Basic

$675 for 4 months$2,250
  • Access the Hub Community
  • Prepare & File Formation Documents*
  • Draft Operating Agreement
  • Draft Initial Resolutions
  • File S-Corp Election with IRS (optional)
  • Obtain EIN
  • Bank Account Registration Assistance
  • Draft Website Terms & Conditions
  • Draft Website Privacy Policy
Over $6,500 value!

Accelerated Venture

$2,500 for 2 months$4,750
  • All New Venture Basic Benefits PLUS
  • 30 Minute Monthly Individual Consultations
  • Prepare Board of Advisor's Agreement
  • Accelerated Process

New Venture Basic Session Dates

30-minute sessions

January 12, 2024 12:00 PM PST Formation

February 9, 2024 12:00 PM PST Governance

March 8, 2024: 12:00 PM PST Website terms and conditions

April 5, 2024: 12:00 PM PST Privacy policy

Accelerated Venture Session Dates

One-hour sessions

January 11, 2024: 12:00 PST Formation and Organization

February 8, 2024 PST: 12:00 PST Credibility and Protection

Add-On Express Legal Hub Intensives

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$1,700 $1,550

Protect your brand and boost value, file two trademark applications - business name, logo, or tagline*

Jan 25, 2023: 12:00-1:00 PM PST

Consulting Agreement

$1,550 $1,400

Mitigate your risk and shift financial burden from your business by optimizing your consulting agreement

January 26: 10:30-11:30 AM

Multi-Member Counsel

$800 $700

Address factors to safeguard multi-member LLCs, prepare a Buy-Sell Agreement

January 25 10:30-11:20 AM PST

New Hire

$3,750 $3,250

Prepare subcontractor and employee hire documents for the business to grow; Understand how to classify new hires

January 26 12:00-1:00 PM PST

* Any filing and/or registration fees imposed by governmental authorities are charged in addition to Nazzaro's legal fees stated here.