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Propel your business to the next level

Make informed business decisions

Protect Your Business

Whether you are just launching a business or approaching new horizons, you need to protect what you have built. As a Propeller Club member, use Guides to modify your contracts and reduce your risk.

Grow Your Business

Use the tools that Propeller Club gives you to learn how to effectively grow your business. Understand how to protect your ideas. Access resources for trusted advisors to support your vision.

Exemplify Professionalism

Communicate confidently and professionally when you understand your legal obligations and why you are making certain decisions.

Become a Propeller Club Member

You are the pilot of your business.

Propeller Club membership gives you tools to succeed and lift off confidently to the next phase of your business.

All Membership Levels Include


Guides are customizable Microsoft Word forms that you can edit to meet your business's needs. Each Guide includes embedded instructions on where to insert key business terms. Use the Guides as:

  • Templates to create your own contracts
  • Tools to modify your current contracts
  • Aids to inform discussions with your legal counsel

Instruction Sheets

Easy to understand summary documents that instruct you how to complete each guide and summarize each key terms in plain English. It is important to understand what you are reading, these primers help you to sift through the Guides from a business perspective.


Each Asset is a simple document presented in easy to understand, plain English that explains a point of law. Sometimes legal concepts are confusing. We break these concepts down into bite size pieces. These Assets explain the broad legal concepts so that you can confidently speak with your trusted advisors or legal counsel about specific issues that affect your business. Knowledge is power.

Business Perspective

We know you are running a business. These Guides and Assets help owners manage a business, reduce risk, and meet business objectives. Move your business forward in a way that moves you closer to your business objective as quickly as possible, while effectively protecting your business and conserving your assets. While the Guides and Assets are structured to work for a range of circumstances. Consider retaining counsel to edit the Guides to specifically protect your business's unique needs.

Paid Membership Levels Offer

Invitation-Only Educational Events

Join invitation-only educational events on legal issues that affect your business. Participants have an opportunity to submit questions during a live Q&A session. In order to manage a small business, it is important to understand the legal responsibilities that come with management.

Business Law Project Discounts

Customize your Guides or draft additional documents to support your business. Business Law Projects include actions such as the formation or incorporation of an entity, preparing board meeting minutes or consents, drafting an operating or shareholder's agreement, drafting a confidentiality agreement, drafting a customized NDA, and other similar documents.

General Counsel Services

Enjoy discounted rates for our general counsel services rates. General counsel services enable you to have an attorney on call for simple document review, phone calls, and ensure you have someone available to answer your questions. You would be entering into an attorney-client relationship for the items covered under the scope of work as general counsel.

On-Demand Educational Videos

Access previously recorded educational videos on-demand that cover topics on legal issues that affect your business. You don't have to worry about missing the live video sessions and have the opportunity to revisit past topics on your schedule.

Propeller Club Membership Plans

Membership does not create an attorney-client relationship and information provided is not legal advice, membership is for educational purposes and may provide discounts on legal services offered through Nazzaro PLLC.

Monthly Yearly


  • Unlimited access to Guides (additional purchase required)
  • Unlimited access to Assets (additional purchase required)
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  • All the benefits of Rudder Membership PLUS
  • Discount on standard General Counsel services (10%)
  • Access to quarterly invitation-only online educational event (25% discount)
  • One COMPLIMENTARY guest invitation to each invitation-only online educational event
  • Exclusive access to on-demand educational videos


  • Unlimited access to Guides (10% discount)
  • Unlimited Access to Assets (10% discount)
  • Discount on one business law project a year (10%)
  • Access to quarterly invitation-only online educational event